Why Winter Is The Best Season For Fashion

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Why Winter Is The Best Season For Fashion Plus Size Fashion

When the cold weather hits, your style literally and figuratively multiplies!


Cozy winter pieces are the clothes you’re ending the old year and starting a new year in. Your winter wardrobe is what takes you through the holiday season and all the festivities that come with it. So there are plenty of reasons why winter truly is the best season for fashion.


But if the weather is getting you down, and you’re feeling uninspired then we’re here to help. Here are 5 quintessential winter fashion pieces that make this season in fashion the best. Keep scrolling to see them all!

You get to wear fleece

Fleece is quite possibly the coziest fabrication of all time. And it was made for winter!


It keeps you warm, while still being so lightweight you won’t feel weighed down by it. It’s also incredibly soft, which is exactly what you want on a cold wintry day.


It’s somewhat impossible to narrow down our favorite fleece design. This fabric is so versatile, and so ideal for winter, you can’t go wrong with a piece from top to toe. We love layering on a fleece vest over a long-sleeved top; a bold hue or print is sure to take any look to the next level.

You can stay cozy in cold weather boots

One of the best investments you can make to beat the cold is a great pair of cold weather boots.


Your boots are your best friend in winter. Whether you love the cold or can’t bear it, the right pair of cold weather boots can help you make the most of the season.


From the quilted textures to the faux leather finish, these boots are made to withstand the elements. But they don’t just suit a practical need, there’s also a style to suit everyone!


If you want your footwear to give your outfit a bit of an edge, choose a cold weather boot with a lace-up front and metallic eyelet details. Want a touch of flair instead? Opt for a faux fur lining. A block heel can elevate your look and make it perfect for comfortable day-to-night outfits, while a flat sole is great for everyday wear. Whether you choose a tall boot silhouette or a classic ankle boot style, a cold weather boot is a style statement that adds the perfect finishing touch to any wintry day.

You can finish your look with a longline cardigan

We can’t talk about winter fashion without mentioning knitwear. Especially when knitwear takes the form of a longline cardigan.


It’s hard not to love this piece of winter fashion. Whether you want it to elevate your look, keep you warm, or bring a pop of color to your style, a longline cardigan ticks all the boxes.


The longline hem means this outerwear piece can frame your outfit, and tie your look together. It also blends easily between outdoors and indoors so you can stay comfortable no matter where you go. With a longline cardigan, you can layer this piece over knit dresses, pants, skirts, and so much more. It’s just that versatile. You can also pick between a range of fabrications and details, from an elegant faux fur collar and feminine lace details to dramatic sleeves and bold prints.

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You can layer up with a padded coat

Winter is the season to enjoy your outerwear!


There’s no cold day that can’t be fixed with a great padded coat, and these styles are here to prove it. Our collection of padded coats is the perfect mix between practical design and effortless style.


When you pick the right coat for the season, you’re not just covering up your outfit for the sake of comfort, you’re putting the right finish on your every look. That stylish finish is exactly what you get with a padded coat. Whether you go for a classic black coat or a statement color; a detachable faux fur hood or an adjustable waistline, even whether or not you choose to zip up against the weather or layer it open over your look can transform your style.

You can keep it classic with cable knit 

We’re ending our list with a classic winter style!


Cable knit is a knitwear pattern that offers you texture with your sweaters. It’s the perfect way to give your outfit a touch of nostalgia and immediately feel cozier.


That’s why we think no winter wardrobe is complete without some cable knit. We love a classic cable knit sweater just as much as we love styling a cardigan that includes some cable knit detail or a ribbed sweater with cable knit sleeves. Choose a classic cable knit sweater silhouette and pair it with jeans and tall boots for an instantly stylish winter look. We can guarantee that this knitwear style will be your go-to all season long.

Winter gives you a chance to experiment with your layers and strike the right balance between practicality and personal style.


What’s your favorite part of winter fashion? Let us know in the comments below!

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