Styling an LBD for Halloween

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Styling an LBD for Halloween Plus Size Fashion

We have a treat for all those who love Halloween - simple costume inspo with something we all have in our wardrobe; the LBD. When it comes to versatility, the LBD or little black dress reigns supreme in the world of fashion. But did you know that your trusty LBD is even versatile enough for halloween? In this spook-tacular blog, we're about to unleash the magic of the LBD and show you how to transform it into stunning and creative Halloween costumes. Whether you're aiming for spooky or glamorous, get ready to be inspired by the endless possibilities of your LBD.

Whimsical Witch

Transform the Ada Dress into a bewitching witch costume for Halloween. Start by layering it with a lacy, tattered black cape for an eerie, ethereal touch. Accessorize with a pointed witch's hat, black knee-high boots, and a broomstick for that classic witchy charm. Add some mysterious jewelry like a pendant with a black crystal, and don't forget to play up your makeup with smoky eyes and a deep, dark lip color. With its stretch velvet fabric and flattering fit, this dress will have you ready to cast spells and brew potions with enchanting elegance on Halloween night!


Shop Now: Ada Dress by City Chic. Available online at Avenue. RRP $129.00

Vivacious Vampire

Turn the alluring Madeline Dress into a sultry vampire costume for a night of immortal elegance. Enhance the high neck cut-out with a choker adorned with a dark red gemstone for a touch of Gothic glamour. With its semi-sheer ruched sleeves and body-hugging silhouette, this dress already oozes vampire chic. Add some dramatic makeup – think pale complexion, deep red lips, and smoky eyes. Complete the look with faux fangs, a dramatic cape, and a pair of blood-red stilettos. This dress will have you ready to rule the night as a seductive vampire, effortlessly blending timeless style with a hint of danger.


Shop Now: Madeline Dress by City Chic. Available online at Avenue. RRP $169.95

Fabulous Fortune Teller


Update the Clementine Maxi Dress into a mystical fortune teller outfit that exudes enchantment and flair. Start by slipping on the off-shoulder short sleeves for that alluring touch. Accessorize with layered scarves and shawls in rich, jewel-toned colors for a bohemian and mystical vibe. Tie a few golden coins into your hair, add some bangles that jingle with every movement, and don't forget a set of tarot cards or a crystal ball as your prop. With its flowing fit and flare silhouette, elasticated neckline, and tiered maxi hemline, this dress will have you looking like a captivating fortune teller ready to unveil the secrets of the future in style and comfort.

Shop Now: Clementine Maxi Dress by Aveology. Available online at Avenue. RRP $130.00

Sensual Siren

The Pleated Ombre Maxi Dress will turn into a mesmerizing siren ensemble that will leave a trail of admirers in your wake. Accentuate your allure by pairing this dress with a flowing seafoam-green chiffon cape or shawl that mimics the ocean's waves. Enhance the halter neckline with ocean-themed jewelry, like shell or pearl accessories, and drape a string of iridescent beads across your forehead. Complete the look with a mermaid-inspired makeup palette, featuring shimmering blues and greens, and opt for wavy, beach-like hair to embody the spirit of the sea. With its pleated maxi skirt, form-flattering fit, and ombre design, this dress will have you captivating onlookers as a captivating and mythical siren.


Shop Now: Pleated Ombre Maxi Dress by City Chic. Available online at Avenue. RRP $179.00

Mesmerising Morticia

Revamp the black Athena Goddess Maxi Dress into an elegant Morticia Addams costume that oozes dark allure and sophistication. Start by embracing the faux wrap V-neckline, adding a touch of drama to your look. Enhance the Morticia vibe with long, flowing jet-black hair, and don't forget the signature deep red lipstick. Accessorize with a statement cocktail ring and long, graceful gloves. For an extra touch of Gothic elegance, add a string of pearls or a cameo brooch. With its relaxed silhouette and draped skirt features, this dress provides the perfect canvas to channel the timeless Morticia Addams, capturing her mysterious and hauntingly beautiful essence

Shop Now: Athena Goddess Maxi Dress by City Chic. Available online at Avenue. RRP $189.00

Beautiful Black Swan

Mold the Maxine Maxi Dress into a captivating Black Swan costume that blends elegance with a hint of darkness. Start by embracing the V-neckline and thin adjustable shoulder straps, showing off your graceful neckline and shoulders. Add dramatic eye makeup with intense smoky eyes and striking feathered lashes. Enhance the swan theme with a feathered crown or tiara and a pair of black feathered wings. Accessorize with a delicate choker necklace to evoke the ballet-inspired allure of the Black Swan character. With its semi-sheer fabrication and subtle handkerchief hemline, this dress provides the perfect canvas to channel the enigmatic beauty of the Black Swan, making you the star of any event or party.

Shop Now: Maxine Maxi Dress by City Chic. Available online at Avenue. RRP $159.00

Chic Catwoman

The Cindy Dress into a sultry Catwoman costume that embodies fierce and fabulous style. Start by embracing the square plunging neckline and the sleek faux leather fabrication, exuding the bold confidence of Gotham's iconic anti-heroine. Accessorize with a black mask and a pair of sleek leather gloves for that signature Catwoman allure. Add a wide black belt with a prominent buckle to accentuate your curves, and don't forget a whip prop to complete the look. With its full-length sleeves and knee-length hemline, this dress strikes the perfect balance between comfort and fashion, making you the purr-fect Catwoman at your next costume event or cosplay adventure.

Shop Now: Cindy Dress by City Chic. Available online at Avenue. RRP $159.00

Mystical Maleficent

Transform the Whitney Maxi Dress into a Maleficent-inspired costume that exudes dark elegance and power. Start by embracing the V-neckline and classic twist front, showcasing your regal presence. Enhance the Maleficent theme with dramatic makeup, featuring dark and smoky eyes, bold contouring, and striking red lips. Accessorize with a pair of black feathered wings and a dramatic horned headdress to channel the iconic Disney villain. With its gathered side detail and cut-out detail, this dress offers the perfect canvas to embody the aura of Maleficent, making you the enchanting and formidable character at any costume party or themed event.

Shop Now: Whitney Maxi Dress by City Chic Available online at Avenue. RRP $149.00

And there you have it, dear readers, a bewitching journey through the world of LBD Halloween costume transformations! We hope these ideas have sparked your creativity and inspired you to take your little black dress to new heights this Halloween. 

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