Simple Ways To Up Style Your Home Office

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Simple Ways To Up Style Your Home Office Plus Size Fashion

Nailing that work-life balance has never been more important than it is today. It’s also never been harder to strike that perfect balance.


Whether you enjoy a hybrid working environment or all your work is conducted remotely, chances are you spend a lot of time working from home.


The best way to make sure you don’t let your work impact your home life and vice versa? Carving out a home office space for yourself. This is helpful no matter how much or how little space you have for yourself. Being able to set aside space where you can work will help you set your work hours apart from time to yourself.


If you’re struggling to figure out the best way to style your home office space, or you’re a newbie to remote work and are looking for ideas, we have some tips for you.

Create a multipurpose space

As important as it is to have a designated area for your work, one of the benefits of working from home is that you have more flexibility to balance everything in your life.


If you have kids or even if you’re a pet owner, you can spend more time with your loved ones by integrating your home office with a playroom or kennel area. You can do this by adding a dog bed area to your workspace. For a perfect little kid’s area, add baskets filled with toys and cozy cushions, or even a little tent, so you can keep your eye on your kids while you work.


This is also a great idea if you have limited space that you want to make the most of. It also means this space will still be used during the weekends.

Add a pop of color

Even though you’re creating a space that means business, making this area bright and cheerful is a great way to keep you motivated on long days.


This can be as simple as a statement piece or a statement wall. We love how a brightly painted desk can look in a home office. Not only is it a unique way to add color to the room, but it also makes work just a little bit more fun.


Adding a fun printed wallpaper to one wall of the room can also look great and tie your home office together. If you don’t want to make any permanent changes to the walls or furniture, then opt to accessorize your space with colorful pieces. This can mean anything from flowering house plants to adding framed pictures to the space.


You can also create the same effect by playing with patterns and fabrics. A colorful, textured office chair can work wonders in your space, or even colorful curtains and drapes. Want a colorful piece you can look at all day? Go for a statement rug or a piece of art you can hang.

Make a cork wall

If you love staying organized, or even if you struggle to stay organized but you’re trying to come up with a solution to stay on top of your schedule then this suggestion can help.


All you need to do is cover a wall with cork square panels or a large corkboard. This lets you pin up whatever you need, from a weekly schedule to documents you’ll want to keep referencing. Colorful push pins can also add a fun pop of color to your corkboard.


Hanging everything up on your cork board will also help you reduce clutter in your workspace, and stay focused throughout the work week. This can be extra helpful because staying productive while working from home can prove to be a challenge at times.


If you want a sleeker look, then you can use chalkboard paint to serve the same function as a cork wall. This is also a great way to scribble down ideas and reminders when they come to you.

Add a comfy sofa

While your home office should be a professional workspace, you can still take advantage of the freedom this setup gives you.


That’s why it’s best to make your home office as comfortable as possible. Adding a comfy sofa to your space can give you a new seat to work in, and a spot to relax when you want a break from your hectic work schedule.


If your remote workspace has to be ready for meetings, then a couch is a functional addition you can also use to take calls or catch up on your reading. It also makes your space more welcoming and homely, which is important because it still is your home after all!

These are just a few simple ways you can take your home office space to the next level. But truly your options are endless!


The most important part of creating your home office is to make sure it suits you, your lifestyle, and your home. Whether you prioritize having a pretty space or just a functional, easy-to-clean environment, putting some time and your own creative spin on your home office can make days at work easier and just better overall.


What’s something you have to include in your home office space? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below before you go!


Happy decorating!

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