Our Top Tips for Healthy Hair

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Our Top Tips for Healthy Hair Plus Size Fashion

Good days and good hair days often coincide for a reason! Your hair can really be your crowning glory. And just like a real crown, it does need to be taken care of. Unlike a real crown, there are a few factors you need to consider when polishing up your mane.


Just like any part of your body, good hair care is all about maintenance and being consistent with how you take care of your hair. That’s why we’re sharing our top tips for keeping your hair healthy and happy in the long run.

Know your hair

Whether you love it on good hair days and hate it on bad hair days or don’t like spending too much time on it, knowing your hair is the first step.


But that doesn’t just mean identifying if your hair is straight, wavy, or curly. It also means figuring out if your scalp is oily or dry. Is your hair thick or fine? Has your hair undergone damage? Is your hair frequently exposed to the sun? Has your hair been color-treated? These are just a few questions to ask yourself that can define the rest of your hair care journey.


Depending on your answers to these questions, make sure you choose a shampoo and conditioner combination that’s suited to your hair type. Your answers can also change your hair-washing schedule. For example, if you have an oilier scalp and hair, it would benefit you to wash your hair more frequently than someone with a dry scalp.

Get straight to the root of it

Taking care of your hair means getting to the root of the problems your hair may be causing you. And the root of hair troubles often really is the root itself. Taking care of your scalp is a must to create a hair care routine that works. Choose a shampoo and conditioner combination that doesn’t leave buildup on your hair, nourishes your scalp, and soothes it so you never feel itchy or dry.


One easy way to keep your scalp soothed is to avoid super hot water when you shower. Hot water can irritate your scalp and dry out your strands. Opt to keep your water temperature warm and end every shower by rinsing out your hair with cold water. Cold water helps seal your cuticles and makes sure you have shiny, healthy hair.


Another way to promote your scalp health is by massaging your scalp. This can encourage growth while also increasing blood circulation to your scalp.

Protect your hair when styling

It’s a well-known fact that heat styling damages your hair. If you can’t quite bring yourself to put down the hot tools, however, you don’t need to. Just make sure you’re doing all the best practices you can to keep your hair healthy and keep damage minimal while you style your mane.


Choose tools with ionic technology so your hair receives moisture as you style it. Also, opt for hair tools made completely from ceramic instead of just those with a ceramic coating. The former distributes heat evenly, which means you can style your hair more quickly and limit the heat applied to your strands.


Heat protectant sprays applied to your strands before contact with your hot tools also help protect your hair from damage.

Cut and dry with care

Even if your aim is to grow out your locks, regular haircuts keep your hair looking and feeling healthy as it grows. Even if you just opt to get a trim, visiting your hairdresser every two months can make a world of difference to your hair.


How you dry your hair is another factor that can mean the difference between healthy hair. Instead of rubbing your hair with a towel post-shower, wrap it up in a hair turban to absorb the water and then let your hair air dry.


No matter what your hair type may be, detangling is another key to stronger hair. Choose to comb the knots out of your hair regularly. Not only does this keep your hair smooth, but brushing also distributes naturally occurring hair oils from your scalp to your strands.


If you have straight hair, comb it before you shower because wet hair is much more prone to breakage than when it’s dry. When you’re combing straight hair after a shower, let it dry before you comb it out with a wide-tooth comb. With curly and textured hair, always comb it when it’s damp to keep your hair healthy.

Your hair is what you eat

At the end of the day, healthy hair and a healthy body are one and the same. What you eat and how you look after your health will make a difference.


Your hair is mostly protein so protein-rich food will keep it healthy. Eating foods like eggs, beans, fish, spinach, avocados, and berries improves your hair health in the long run. Foods that are rich in vitamins C and E also spike collagen and make your hair stronger.

What are your top tips for healthy hair? Share them with us in the comments below.


Now go out there and make every day a great hair day!

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