International Women's Day With Avenue

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International Women's Day With Avenue Plus Size Fashion

City Chic is a brand that proudly aligns itself with the empowerment of strong, fierce and fabulous women. Reaching a community of fearless individuals around the world, our clothing is made to have you feeling your utmost confident self, no matter what the occasion calls for.


Over at Avenue, we asked our team: "What does International Women's Day mean to you?"


Here's what our amazing team of female leaders had to say this International Women's Day:

In order of appearance:

Jordan - Marketing

Shannon - E-Commerce

Nicola - Graphic Design

Melissa - Content/E-Commerce

Mia - Visual Merchandising

Charlotte - Marketing

Madison - Marketing

Louise - Marketing

Jaime - Social Media/Marketing

Gregoria - HR

Meg - Logistics

Ashley - Social Media/Marketing

So begs the question, what does International Women's Day mean to you? Let us know in the comments below and happy IWD to all!

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