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Instagram Tablescapes We're Obsessing Over Plus size fashion

Picture this: your favorite people gathered around a beautifully set table, laughter filling the air, and memories being made over delicious food. What's the secret ingredient to this magical scene? Tablescaping!


Tablescaping isn't just about arranging plates and cutlery; it's about infusing your personality and style into every aspect of your dining experience. It's the opportunity to get creative, play with colors, textures, and themes, and set the stage for unforgettable moments.


Tablescapes are a combination of creativity and elegance brought together to tell a beautiful story. Whether you are hosting an intimate dinner party or a lavish formal dinner party, we have styles to inspire you to perfect your tablescape right in your own home. Here are a few Instagram tablescapes we're obsessing over!

Casual Tablescape

Casual tablescapes strike the perfect balance between simplicity and formality, making them ideal for hosting intimate dinners with friends or close family. When setting a casual tablescape, consider using two pieces of glassware—one for water and the other for wine. Instead of a single plate, opt for two plates stacked from largest to smallest, with the larger plate for the main course and the smaller one for the entrée.


Enhance the setting with multiple spoons and forks, aiming for a relaxed yet refined atmosphere by including two of each. For the centerpiece, aim for a medium-sized arrangement that neither dominates nor fades into the background. When it comes to candles, choose medium-sized ones with holders, avoiding extremes in length for a cohesive look. Incorporate texture into your tablescape with linens and materials to add visual interest and depth.


Personalize your setting with unique napkin rings and napkins that complement your chosen candle color and dinnerware. The key to a successful casual tablescape lies in harmonizing all elements to create a cohesive and inviting ambiance.

Formal Tablescape

For a formal tablescape that exudes sophistication and elegance, you'll need to elevate your setting with additional plates and glassware compared to a casual setup. It's time to bring out those cherished dinnerware and glassware sets you've been saving for a special occasion—yes, even that pristine wedding anniversary set you've been hesitant to use. Remember, you'll need to offer multiple beverage options, so ensure you have water glasses, wine or flute glasses, and even tumblers at the ready.


When layering your dinnerware, start with the larger diner plate as the base, followed by the medium-sized plate on top. Rather than stacking, place the smaller entree plate to the side for a polished and refined presentation. Opt for elegant pitchers filled with iced water and exquisite, high-quality candle holders to add to the ambiance.


Centerpieces should take center stage in a formal setting, so aim for grandeur and make them the focal point of the table. Let them command attention and enhance the overall aesthetic. For cutlery, go all out with three types of forks—dinner, salad, and shrimp fork—to accommodate the multi-course meal you'll be serving. Providing ample cutlery ensures your guests can enjoy the feast without any hassle, enhancing their dining experience and leaving them thoroughly delighted.

Basic Tablescape

Perhaps the easiest tablescape to achieve, you need minimal dinnerware and effort for the basic tablescape. Use one plate to serve, one set of utensils of your choosing, and one drinking cup. This is the tablescape you can achieve every night because as the name suggests it is basic. To add visual interest, use different textures of linen. Your table cover and placemats can vary in texture and colour so experiment with them for the ideal look.

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