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Is your bedroom your safe haven? Your place to decompress, enjoy some me-time, and escape from the world? Or do you view it as a space you rest in and nothing more?


However you use your bedroom, whether it’s your favorite place to be or just a functional space in your home, there’s no question that it’s one of the most important rooms you own. That’s why styling it to suit your lifestyle is so important.


Lucky for you, we’re here to deliver some bedroom styling inspiration that works for everyone. Keep scrolling to get inspired!

All-over color

If you have a favorite color you stand by, your bedroom is the best place to put it on display. We love how this bedroom makes full use of one statement color. Matching the walls with the storage space makes everything look more cohesive, uncluttered, and sleek. This style looks great when you add accent colors to the bedding or wall hangings of your room.

Neutral tones

Want a classic color scheme you can build on? Choose neutral tones. The earthy tones are grounding and calming, which is the perfect style for you if you consider your bedroom to be your safe haven. We love how this bedroom style plays with neutrality, while still adding texture so nothing looks boring despite the lack of bright color.

Stand-out wallpaper

Your bedroom is the perfect opportunity to let your personality shine through. If you love art, but want something a bit more permanent, wallpaper can do it all. The right wallpaper can add color, texture, visual interest, and dimension to your room. Whether you paper all the walls or just one statement wall, this can be a stand-out feature. We love how this wallpaper is colorful and textured, but still calming.  

Bright greenery

Sometimes letting a little bit of the outside into your room can be all the decoration your bedroom needs. Noting brightens up a room more than some greenery. You can choose to hang potted plants from your ceiling; prop them up on stands, or scatter them throughout your room to bring life to any corner.  

Complementing colors

We’re in love with how this room plays with multiple colors without looking too overwhelming or allowing one color to overpower another. While each color brightens up an aspect of the room, they all maintain a muted palette so they can blend together instead of clashing. The classic rug adds dimension to the room, while the simple bedding is elevated by the colorful throw pillows.

Textured bedding

A simple way to style up your room without much effort at all is by adding texture through your furnishings. We love the way textured bedding can add personality to your bedroom. It also can be replaced easily with the seasons or to match your aesthetic at any time.

Textured wall

While we’re on the subject of texture, we have to talk about how much visual interest can be generated by a textured wall. While we all know what a great wallpaper or statement wall color can do for a room, the textured wall flies a little under the radar. We love how the horizontal lines on these walls also use a statement color for an elegant finish.

Stylish headboards

There are lots of subtle ways you can add design touches to your bedroom without cluttering your space. A headboard is one of them. A headboard is a functional addition to your room that can still make an impact and showcase some personality. We love how this headboard keeps it simple and ties this cozy bedroom together.

Four-poster beds

Want a touch of drama in your space? A four-poster bed is one way to do it. Whether you choose to drape the structure in fabric or leave it bare like this image below, a four-poster bed adds structure and style to your room, while still being a functional part of your space. It’s almost like a piece of art in its own right!

Statement lighting

We’ve talked a lot about how stylish fixtures add to your space, and we’re going to do it again with lighting. The lighting of your room adds to the ambiance and mood of your space, but your light fixtures can also operate as a design piece. We love how these bedside lamps and hanging lamp shade command attention in this space.  

Are you inspired to revamp your bedroom? Let us know which style you’re picking for your bedroom or drop us your favorite interior design tips in the comments below.


Happy redecorating!

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