How To Build The Perfect Charcuterie Board

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How To Build The Perfect Charcuterie Board  Plus size fashion

There's no denying charcuterie boards are always a crowd favorite. We look for any excuse to break one out at gatherings. A good charcuterie board is vibrant and offers many textures with a plethora of foods to choose from. Nothing better than casually grazing whilst having a great chat with friends!


If you're looking to up the ante on your hosting game, than look no further. We have the perfect tips to help you refine your charcuterie boards and host your guests in pure style:

The Right Size and Quality Board

Ensuring you have the perfect size board is the difference between a mediocre and a superior charcuterie board. If the board is too small, it will look crowded, and if it’s too big there will be awkward gaps on your board. Use quality materials such as a marble slab, slate, or wooden board.

Mouth-watering Meats 

Incorporate a variety of cured meats such as salami, chorizo, mortadella, and prosciutto for an explosion of flavors your guests are sure to love. It is best to pick 2-3 meats for your board. Try to be creative with your designs by rolling your meats, or line them up after folding them in quarters. If you’re feeling experimental you can try a salami rose by taking a glass and folding salami slices onto the rim until you complete the rim. Be sure to press down firmly after each application. Flip the glass upside down to release and admire your work.  

Cheese To Complement 

Display a variety of cheeses from mild, strong, and soft options. Cheddar, gouda, brie, and camembert are always good starting points. Think about the kinds of spreads you are going to accompany your cheese with and how they will complement each other. You can ask your local deli for any suggestions they may have to elevate your cheese game.

Bread and Crackers to Consume

Use a combination of gourmet crackers for an enhanced flavor experience, and plain crackers for the bolder flavored items on your board. Cut-out baguettes and dried breadsticks offer textures that look visually appealing, while an array of breads and crackers complement the cheeses.

Assorted Accompaniments

Mini ramekins and small bowls make the perfect presentation for your accompaniments such as olives or dips of your choosing. Add dried fruits such as apricots, figs, and cranberries, while walnuts and almonds make a great nut selection. Choose from a range of fresh fruits such as grapes, oranges, apples, and strawberries. Pour a drizzle of honey or jam on your soft cheeses to take your presentation to the next level. For a charcuterie board that meets dietary guidelines, consider offering gluten-free and lactose-free options.

Position for Presentation

Start by adding in your larger items such as cheese, meats, and your filled ramekin/bowls. Begin from the corners and edges of your board and fill in the gaps with smaller items. Create segments by grouping foods to achieve a balanced and visually cohesive presentation. When presenting smaller items try presenting them in an angle. For instance, arrange your crackers in a curved trail, or position your sliced apples in a tight semi-circle. Be as creative as you can.

Create A Visually Charming Aesthetic

Create an assortment of textures, shapes, and colors for a visually appealing arrangement. Try incorporating garnishes such as thyme and rosemary for a tantalizing aroma that will have your guests ravenous.

Serving Utensils for Seamless Serving

Be sure to include cheese knives for hassle-free portioning, spoons for the delectable spreads, and tongs for a smooth serving experience.

Room Temperature Is Ideal

It is best to remove items from the refrigerator thirty minutes before serving to allow flavors to enhance at room temperature.

Adventurous Combinations

Try different variations when combining items to release a cornucopia of flavors and make your taste buds explode. Encourage your guests to follow suit for the ultimate experience.

Refill and Relax

The work doesn’t stop once you complete your charcuterie board. It is important to refill finished items to ensure a continuous flow throughout the consuming process.

Charcuterie boards should channel your inner artist. Experiment by being innovative and creative with your designs. Remember there is no right or wrong, just delicious food you and your guests will enjoy until the sun goes down…if there’s anything left.


Comment below which one of these tips you’ll be incorporating into your next charcuterie board. 

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