Celebrating Diversity and Style at the Crusades of Curves in NYC

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CC Takes NYC! Plus Size Fashion

Last month, from August 17th to the 20th, the ever-buzzing city of New York played host to the Crusades of Curves event, a spectacular gathering of the plus community from across the nation. This celebration of diversity and fashion, founded by the remarkable model, entrepreneur, and avid advocate for the plus community, Mallory Richardson, marked its 7th anniversary this year.



The City Chic Experience

City Chic, a prominent name in the world of curvy fashion, was an integral part of this exciting weekend. The brand took center stage at two key events during the festivities: the influencer luncheon and a dazzling fashion show.



The Fashion Extravaganza

The highlight of the weekend was undoubtedly the grand fashion show, featuring an array of top-notch brands, including Eloquii, T West Collection, The Platform Clothier, Moonlight Serenade Apparel, and Unmasked by Coco Kitty. City Chic proudly showcased sixteen stunning looks, each worn by a gorgeous model, who collectively represented the beauty and diversity of the plus-size community.


The atmosphere at the runway show was electric. The audience was captivated as each model strutted down the catwalk, embodying confidence, style, and the spirit of inclusivity. The event also shone a spotlight on all the brands involved, with live performances and exciting giveaways adding to the excitement.


City Chic's sponsorship of the event provided an opportunity to share its mission with the world. The brand's commitment to empowering plus-size individuals and providing them with fashionable choices was front and center throughout the show.



The Influencer Luncheon

At the Influencer Luncheon, City Chic's Jamie Finkenthal, a key member of the US social team, engaged with a group of about thirty influential figures within the plus-size community. This intimate gathering allowed for meaningful discussions about City Chic's brand identity, mission, and the importance of inclusivity within the fashion industry.


Jamie and other City Chic representatives emphasized their dedication to the plus community and discussed potential collaborations with the attending influencers. It was a unique opportunity to connect with individuals who have been a part of the brand's journey for years and to strengthen those valuable relationships in person.



A Weekend of Connections and Celebrations

The Crusades of Curves event in NYC was more than just a fashion show; it was a celebration of inclusivity, empowerment, and the vibrant plus community. Mallory Richardson's vision, brought to life over the past seven years, continues to inspire and unite individuals from all walks of life. City Chic's participation in this event reflects its unwavering commitment to diversity and style within the world of curvy fashion.


As the event came to a close, it left a lasting impression on attendees and participants alike. It was a weekend filled with fashion, empowerment, and most importantly, connections. Meeting influencers face-to-face and sharing stories and aspirations added an extra layer of significance to this unforgettable event.


The Crusades of Curves event in NYC served as a reminder that fashion knows no size, and the plus-size community is a force to be reckoned with. It was a celebration of beauty in all its forms, and a testament to the progress we continue to make in the world of fashion, one runway strut at a time.

Photography by Adley Haywood.

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