10 Practical New Years Resolutions

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10 Practical New Years Resolutions Plus size fashion

Most people feel hyped up and motivated at the beginning of the year with their New Years Resolutions only to forget all about them a month later and settle into old habits. Why does this happen? Most people don’t set realistic and manageable new year's resolutions to begin with. We have put together a list of 10 practical New Year's resolutions that will make it easy to stick with all year round. 

Daily Exercise

Exercise comes in many forms. There’s no better time than the new year to try that class boxing or Pilates class you’ve been talking about. Gym sessions are ideal for people who are looking for flexibility and prefer a solo workout, while gym classes offer a variety of classes to meet your personal needs. A quick morning stroll to grab your favorite coffee at your local café is always a good option too. 

Reading More

Set a realistic reading goal. Don’t worry about what or how many pages other people are reading. Other people don’t share your interests and daily life. The key is to discover what topics and genres you engage with the most. The more engaged you are with the material you read, the more likely you are to see it through. You can also create an aesthetically pleasing reading experience by purchasing fun bookmarks, or an e-reader you can adorn with stickers of your choosing.

Volunteer/Give Back

Volunteering isn’t confined to organizations and causes. If you volunteer at an organization or cause, make sure you find one that connects to you. Volunteering can also take place at work when you put your hand up to assist with a project or help a worker. Even a task as simple as helping your elderly neighbor with their shopping counts. No matter the path, it is always a rewarding experience when you give back. 

Self-Care At Least Once A Week 

With the buzz of our day-to-day lives, it can be easy to get swept up into the madness. We are often too busy looking after everyone around us to look out for ourselves. Self-care can be as small or elaborate as you wish. It comes down to picking activities that stimulate your mind, body, and soul. Whether you opt for a nice bubble bath with your favorite book or a deep hydrating facial mask, make time for self-care at least once a week. 

Learn a New Skill You've Always Wanted To Lean 

Learning a new skill is achievable and makes the perfect New Years Resolution. We are privileged to live in a world with an abundance of resources readily available to us. From social media tutorials to seminars there is no excuse not to start. Will you learn to play the guitar or take part in a painting class? The world is your oyster. 

Schedule Regular Connections with Loved Ones

We know life can get too busy sometimes, but one thing you can always count on is your friends and family. You may not always have the time to visit them, or they may live in another state, but you can call them for an instant connection. Forming deep connections and relationships is vital. It can be as little as a few minutes or as long as three hours. Frequency is the key. 

Budget Your Expenses

Understanding where your money goes daily is crucial. It’s hard to keep track of your spending when we are subscribed to so many services. Start by creating a budget. When making a budget make it realistic and more importantly manageable. Sure, it can seem boring at first, but once you get into the habit you will reap the rewards resulting in the holiday you’ve desperately needed. 

Healthier Eating Habits 

Introducing more vegetables and fruits can make a world of difference to our health. Not only are they beneficial to our health in a multitude of ways, but they also fill us up, and will help satiate pesky cravings throughout the afternoon. Try adding more whole grains as they are rich in nutrients. Bonus, your digestive system will appreciate the fiber goodness. 

Daily Gratitude Jar

It is as easy as it sounds. Simply take a large jar and fill it up daily with things you are grateful for. You can write down 1-3 things depending on the day. What you are left with is an accumulation of your gratitude throughout the year. Our tip, read a few on harder days to keep you grounded and truly blessed with your fruitful life. 

Staying Organized

It can be difficult to keep on top of things. Not all of us live for organization, but it is very much needed otherwise our lives would be in utter chaos. The best way to stay organized is structure. Break up your week into manageable tasks and dedicate certain days of the week to certain tasks. It doesn’t have to be mundane. Create lists and put on your favorite playlist to smash out tasks in no time. 

It's time to pick your New Years Resolution. Comment below which ones you are most excited to try and stick with next year.

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